1) What are your charges?
The minimum investment for wedding photography: INR 70,000/- for upto ten hours a day,
while that of wedding cinematography: INR 80,000/- for upto ten hours a day.

2) What makes you different from other wedding photographers and cinematographers?
Our photography style is a departure from the traditional wedding photography of stock and set poses. We believe in a non-instructive style of photography. We capture a combination of traditional but relaxed, and a more candid set of images of your wedding. This allows us to craft a story through those images of that special day. This minimally intrusive style helps us capture the emotions without intruding on your enjoyment.

Cinematic wedding film is beyond the normal traditional video. We shot it in a photojournalistic style that helps capture behind the scenes moments that you would normally miss in a traditional wedding video. This wedding film (around 15 mins long) shot with state of the art equipment will enable you to relieve the best moments of you wedding for years to come.

3) What is the total number of photographs you will be capturing?
An average set will range from 500 images for a small wedding to 2000 for a large wedding. You will get a DVD with high resolution ready to print images. We also provide other products like coffee table books of your weddings. Feel free to discuss with us the best options of how you would like us to capture and remember your special day.

4) Do we have to sign a contract?
Yes, once you have finalized the package and dates, we will sign an agreement. The usual terms are a 30% retainer upfront at the time of signing the agreement and balance payment is due two weeks prior to the event date.

5) When will we get to see my wedding photos & film?
Your wedding images will generally be ready within 6-7 weeks and film within 14-15 weeks.

6) Do you provide all the images and raw footage that are captured during the wedding?
We go through a careful process of choosing the best images from the day and processing each of them with individual attention. We make sure that every image you receive is a quality one. We also select the best video clips that go into making the final wedding film.

7) Will you post the photographs & film online?
Yes, selected images & wedding film will be hosted on our website to share with your family and friends.

8) I know a photographer who charges less than you?
We do not negotiate on price. We maintain a certain standard of quality and professionalism that we will not compromise upon. Rest assured, with us you will receive a quality service.

9) Do you do many weddings a year?
We do a limited number of weddings a year. We believe in giving a hundred percent to every job and we will not compromise on quality by overbooking.

10) Are you available for events other than weddings?
Yes. Our experience isn't limited to weddings. We also help businesses tell their success story. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

11) Can we hire another photographer or cinematographer when we hire your services?
We will be the exclusive photographers/cinematographers for your event once you hire us. Too many cooks spoil the broth and having another photographer/cinematographer will have an effect on the quality. At Navin Studio we will suggest additional professionals if required from our team.