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Posted on 18 June 2016

Almost after 2 years, we suddenly realized that we can actually put it together. We had not planned anything about Lip-dub video until a day before Farah & Torun's wedding celebration started. We were at Farah's place discussing about the wedding and suddenly Farah came up with an idea to do a lip dub. Our immediate reaction was, are you serious? do you really want to do it? 

Its not quiet easy to do a lip dup when you have only 12 hours for the festivities to start and you're getting ready for the 5 days wedding shoot ahead. We didn't have music track finalized also. Nobody knew about this except the bride, her friend and our team. We had zero lipdub footage until the first wedding reception at Leela Palace Bangalore, actually that's the only day we got lip dub footage. Tried editing it several times few weeks after the wedding but could not sync it with the track. Therefore we came up with this concept where, camera film gets stuck after 30secs and the chorus starts again and the battery at the end of the video gets over, if you have noticed closely. What we did was, we edited out part of the music and placed it accordingly on the timeline. It has not actually taken 2 years, it has taken only 2 days, but these idea came to our mind suddenly after 2 years :-)

As said before lip dub is not as easy as it looks like. It requires lot of planning and coordination especially when there are so many people involved in the making .

Our main point is, something that seemed as good as impossible suddenly looked possible. We were clearing our external hard drive and came across this footage and just thought of giving it a try. Slowly slowly we were able to sync the video with the music track. And this is what we were able to put together. We had to edit the music track as well which is by Taio Cruz Dynamite and we hope you enjoy watching it.


Lip dub | Farah Torun's ToFa Wedding from Navin Studio on Vimeo.


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