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Rights over your wedding images & movies

Posted on 16 February 2015

We are a firm who have been working with photography and cinematography for age old years. Passing clients across boundaries and different walks of life we work to deliver the best and quality work that we abide by. Navin Studio has been headed by Mr.Narendra Gaonkar for a long time followed by principles and virtues that cannot be broken. Having worked on occasions across different walks of life we have gained expertise and credits for the same.

If we look upon copyrights of our expertise and work, if asked by client we would end up refusing because we are true owner of the art. When we talk about art in this context, we mean about the service we provide (Photography and Cinematography). Nevertheless, under all circumstances we allow "home use rights" only to our client provided they do not generate revenue from our media/film/work.

We offer a service that is focussed on quality, essence and truth that has to be respected by all who are inclined with us throughout. It is our duty to provide the best for our client and at the same time we would expect our client to respect our work. Navin Studio has always been a place for excellence and prosperity, so we believe that you could believe in our dream.

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