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It's difficult to make changes but, we try !!

Posted on 06 April 2016

Remember those times when you made a mistake in life and wish you could go back in time and resolve it ?

At Navin Studio, we believe in quality so we emphasize on making the wedding love story a beautiful tale worth being shared and told to your loved ones. Often there are times when clients request us to add some of their family members in the video and we cannot decline as we put our heart into what we do and at the same time open to suggestions. As you all know, the more you share, the more you grow. Across the years we have been working on elite projects from Bangalore, Goa and even the Emirates so we do not hesitate to make our point and we believe that if we just listen to our client it may look beautiful for their eyes only. At Navin Studio, we add a lot of love while making your "love story" presentable. Wouldn't you love it ??

Have a look at some of the wedding snapshots below that would seize you back, making you think about the times that we invested in.

Photography and Cinematography takes a lot of experience and at the same time a feel towards each project. Every wedding has a different story as well as a unique touch that we strive to explain in the the trailer so that people are engaged to watch and interact. With over 24 years experience we cannot just add something that would undervalue the "love story" that we are trying to portray.

Nain & Nicky | Bangalore Wedding Teaser from Navin Studio on Vimeo.

Our minds have been guided and moulded by Mr.Narendra Gaonkar (Founder) so that we can perform and deliver the best in every stream or project that we step foot into. We rejuvenate a love story so that it can be looked up by lovers, friends, quoter's and even married couples. We have been pioneering in adding glitterati to every love story as "you're love story is worth sharing with eyes and hearts across distances". Taking all into consideration, we do not diminish the quality whatsoever and that is the reason we require the given time that we state to evolve friendship, love, sacrifice and humility.


Navin Studio is available for weddings in Goa, Bangalore, Jaipur, Udaipur, Mumbai and Delhi. Please feel free to drop an email at for more information.


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