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Navin Studio's Calendar v/s Some Photographers Calendar

Posted on 02 May 2016

Quite often we are asked why we shoot only 20 weddings a year when there are some photographers who even shoot approximately 60 weddings a year; almost 3 times more then us.


Our answer usually is, we are not like the others. In fact you can't compare one artist to another.

There are couple of reasons why we don't do too many weddings a year:

  1. The most important; we want our brand to be rare and exclusive.

  2. For us it's not about doing maximum number of weddings, but it's about shooting weddings like no other. Every masterpiece that we work on should be one of the kind.

  3. Every wedding that we capture is personally looked at, carefully color corrected, composed, edited and processed, hence you can imagine the amount of time it takes to work on a single project. QUITE A LOT!!

  4. We also believe that listening, talking, meeting and understanding our couple is of utmost important. By doing this we are able to learn more about who they are and their journey which definitely helps us later in delivering the ultimate art.

  5. Indian weddings can last anywhere between two days to five days and sometimes even more. You get exhausted shooting continuously and hence require break to be physically and mentally ready to shoot the next.

These are few reasons why we do not take bookings of too many weddings. And before we conclude we believe that creativity requires a lot of space and time to imagine, dream and visualize.

You may let us know your thoughts in the comments column below.

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