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Is a Wedding Filmmaker & Photographer Worth a Dime or Two?

Posted on 02 August 2014

There are always misunderstandings, cross talks and even misinterpretations in this big world. Someone has to take a stand and filter out these issues and clear them so that relations don't end up haywire. We are professional photographers and cinematographers known across India for our exquisite and candid wedding photography as well as cinematography.

There are many incidents, which we would like to share with our clients, fellow photographers, cinematographers, viewers and even admirers about the work we do and what we expect. We have captured several weddings in India, so we can say that we are well accustomed to what people brag about and what people demote about. One such thing that we would like to portray with a hilarious example could be read below :
We had several conversations with the client below before this email from him.

Client : Hi Navin Studio, We have to pay the hotel 4000 INR per head for food. I think your charges are too high. Kindly let me know if you can make any appropriate alterations in this regard.
Navin Studio : Dear X, Sorry we cannot go ahead with the deal. Thank you for contacting us. ?

Goa creative wedding photography

Leading with an example, you plan to buy a BMW which holds a 7+ digit figure and you want to have something different hence you plan to customise it with West Coast Customs, known for automobile customization globally and people know that when they approach for a custom design they know that price is not the concern as there will be immense work done on the quality so that your vehicle stands out. You will eventually pay a much higher amount as it would be custom made with your specifications. If something exists that you love, you are ready to make ends meet and fulfill your wants. Buy what you love and you simply cannot love because when you love - you love for a reason. There should be no other reason that blocks you from getting it. We are sure to know that you can conclude exactly what we are trying to portray with such an example of a client. We at Navin Studio,
are not just professionals when we offer you quality services, but at the same time are attached to the occasion to provide and visualize the best for you that will make it trend for a lifetime. We are not going to decrease our prices just because you are paying more for another avenue as we dedicate ourselves to offer you the best for the long run. We are not just associated, but involved in portraying your emotions, love and caress in such magnitude that hearts melt and eyes water down the line. It's your take now !!

Stay tuned to more of our experiences about weddings and issues which clients face which we intend to solve. Until then, have a good read. 

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