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Candid and Posed Photography

Posted on 11 October 2017

Candid and Posed Photography is also done by some of the photographers. My personal suggestions on this would be to hire different photographers who would focus individually on their job resulting quality. Theses photographers would do posed photography and will present you with mixture of black & white, sepia images.

Varmala at Goa Marriott Resort

Once you have decided on this now starts the important part. You need to do research of potential photographer. Look at the website of the different photographers. Go through the images displayed. It is also advised to look at their facebook, instagram page. Do not forget to look at testimonial page on the website.

While short listing the photographer it is important to see whether the photographer’s fees are in your range. Once that is ok get in touch with short listed photographers and check for availability. Do some overall conversation about the venue different events and so on. Here it is very important to see the way the Photographer response to your query. Was the approach friendly? Did the Photographer response to your quires to your expectations?

varmala at Goa Marriott

Once you made up your mind which photographer to work with. Discuss the terms and conditions before making the payment.

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