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Posted on 01 October 2017

One of our prospective client who after research, for wedding photographer in Goa contacted us and in the conversation asked, do you mind if my guest click photo of our wedding with their phone, ipad, camera.....

My answer was no and yes, we're all aware most of the family relative and guest are near and dear to the couple. And they are the once who help make wedding memory more beautiful. Most of your relatives and guest come down from all over the world to be part of your big wedding day, while you engrave your memories. Your guest also want to capture your memory in their camera and while it is being done your professional camera man matters not much to them.

Having said all to them my royal clients has high expectation from us as we have promised them that. The wedding memory that we freeze in our camera are for your generations to come.

Now for instance in church while bride and groom wearing wedding ring, if there is gathering of guest besides witness there remains hardly any room for your photographer. Creative mind need disturbance free area to work.


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