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?#‎achristmasgarrol? - Carol & Garrette Wedding

Posted on 22 December 2014

One of a kind story revolves around love, despair, hardships and even beings with rejection. This epic love story circulates around a boy named Garry who meets a beautiful girl named Carol at a relatives wedding ceremony and later at the final occasion where the relative gets married. When he first lays eyes on Carol, he shivers and walks up bravely to ask her for a dance where she silences him by saying 'No". Isn't it romantic ?

Watching what happens further at the wedding is just melodrama surrounded with immense feelings to go and speak to his love. He again walks up to her and has a meaningful conversation where they manage to stay in touch through different ways that include a first connection on everybody's favorite website Facebook. As always, there are happy moments as well as sad ones. They managed to carry out their love life, work life and various other avenues by supporting each other and planning their wedding since August 2013. The new year has set in and both Carol and Garry have exchanged vows and celebrated their happiness with friends and family. An everlasting love story never ends, just like theirs. What about yours ??

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