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Michele & Richard Christian Goan Wedding

Posted on 18 March 2018 | Comment

If a film you create impresses you every single time you watch it then there's nothing like it.There's something about some wedding films that make you feel good from within, makes you feel that you have created something better than yesterday and you've reached a level up. May it be moments you captured during getting ready, vows at the church or some nice drone shoots etc. Read more

Krystal & Trevor | Goan Wedding Highlights

Posted on 12 February 2018 | Comment

Krystal & Trevor chose to have their nuptials at Our Lady of Piety Chapel, Margao followed by reception at Keserval Garden Verna. Nuptials were in the afternoon and both the locations being close by we had enough time for post nuptials shoot which we planned to do within the chapel’s premises. We captured some drone shoots of the couple with the chapel in frame, from different heights to add a lot of layers to the picture. Read more


Posted on 28 November 2017 | Comment


Myself ft. Anders & Michael [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Posted on 13 November 2017 | Comment

So excited to present to you our first Music Video MYSELF directed by Navin Gaonkar. Actor of this music video plays role of a musician who wants to keep creating something different every time. The director has portrayed the phase of his life where he's not willing to get up but pushes himself, never gives up hence the quote in the video "NEVER STOP NO MATTER HOW SLOW YOU MOVE" keep moving is what the message is. Read more

Myself - State Of Mind

Posted on 01 November 2017 | Comment

Myself is a music video produced by TIM Entertainment in association with Navin Studio. It is a story of a Musician who has been depressed. He believes in creating something new every time. Scared of being in the same place he's looking for inspiration. Many companies deny working with him but he never gives up. This phase of his life is what the director of the music video Navin Gaonkar has tried to express. Read more

Candid and Posed Photography

Posted on 11 October 2017 | Comment

Candid and Posed Photography is also done by some of the photographers. My personal suggestions on this would be to hire different photographers who would focus individually on their job resulting quality. Theses photographers would do posed photography and will present you with mixture of black & white, sepia images. Read more


Posted on 01 October 2017 | Comment

One of our prospective client who after research, for wedding photographer in Goa contacted us and in the conversation asked, do you mind if my guest click photo of our wedding with their phone, ipad, camera..... Read more

Bride Singing during Reception !!

Posted on 21 February 2017 | Comment

Tamara (the bride) sang 2 songs during her wedding reception at The Village, Nuvem in Goa. She is the daughter of a famous Goan musician based in Mumbai.  Read more

Pre Wedding Shoot in Goa

Posted on 10 January 2017 | Comment

Photoshoot in Goa is always fun!! whether you shoot at a beach or at any historical location. Portuguese inspired architecture and awesome sunset by the sea, when you combine both this is what you end up capturing. Read more

When Bangaloreans and Mangaloreans come together

Posted on 18 June 2016 | Comment

Almost after 2 years, we suddenly realized that we can actually put it together. We had not planned anything about Lip-dub video until a day before Farah & Torun's wedding celebration started. We were at Farah's place discussing about the wedding and suddenly Farah came up with an idea to do a lip dub. Our immediate reaction was, are you serious? do you really want to do it?  Read more

Bhavika and Lee | Colourful Summer Indian Wedding Goa

Posted on 24 May 2016 | Comment

The Wedding of Bhavika and Lee took place between 2nd to 6th March 2016 at two different venues in North Goa. On the wedding day florists started decorating the mandap at around 9.00 a.m. as the Ganesh puja was happening on the other side. They secured a plethora of flowers in shades of red and white. Bold greenery amongst the colorful blooms merged the vivid decor with the beauty of natural surroundings. Read more

Navin Studio's Calendar v/s Some Photographers Calendar

Posted on 02 May 2016 | Comment

Quite often we are asked why we shoot only 20 weddings a year when there are some photographers who even shoot approximately 60 weddings a year; almost 3 times more then us. Read more

Are you in a process of booking your wedding videographer? Here's something worth going through

Posted on 28 April 2016 | Comment

Confused between traditional long video and cinematic short film. Here are few points which will help you in taking a call. Read more

Nain & Nicky Wedding | JW Marriott Bangalore

Posted on 23 April 2016 | Comment

Being brought up in a joint family in Singapore, Nicky enjoys spending time with his better half, Nain. When Nain is busy at office she is glued to designing buildings and dream homes so in simple words, she's an architect. Read more

It's difficult to make changes but, we try !!

Posted on 06 April 2016 | Comment

Remember those times when you made a mistake in life and wish you could go back in time and resolve it ? Read more

Can we request additional hours coverage on wedding day itself?

Posted on 05 May 2015 | Comment

It's always a different thing when you come over as a guest to any kind of function compared to the companies who are involved in making the event a success. Apart from planning there are small sudden decisions that have to be taken and clients usually get all worried and so does the service provider.Leading you with an example, we went to Bangalore for a wedding shoot and the couple wanted us to continue shooting for additional 2 hours as the last event of the day didn't get over as per the schedule/contracted timing and yes, we did. If you feel that there is something important happening after crossing the contracted time, you may request us to extend and definitely we can continue. In this case we'd charge you for every additional hour. Read more

Rights over your wedding images & movies

Posted on 16 February 2015 | Comment

We are a firm who have been working with photography and cinematography for age old years. Passing clients across boundaries and different walks of life we work to deliver the best and quality work that we abide by. Navin Studio has been headed by Mr.Narendra Gaonkar for a long time followed by principles and virtues that cannot be broken. Having worked on occasions across different walks of life we have gained expertise and credits for the same. Read more

?#‎achristmasgarrol? - Carol & Garrette Wedding

Posted on 22 December 2014 | Comment

One of a kind story revolves around love, despair, hardships and even beings with rejection. This epic love story circulates around a boy named Garry who meets a beautiful girl named Carol at a relatives wedding ceremony and later at the final occasion where the relative gets married. When he first lays eyes on Carol, he shivers and walks up bravely to ask her for a dance where she silences him by saying 'No". Isn't it romantic ? Read more

Samantha & Levon-Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

Posted on 09 December 2014 | Comment

As we arrive to another Christmas season this year we remember about a scintillating photo shoot session with Samantha and Levon at Cavelossim Beach Goa. It's the time we banked upon moments of surprise, laughter and love which rightly happened with candid and posed shots. Can't wait to shoot their wedding this December. Read more

Farah & Torun Wedding Trailer Film

Posted on 16 November 2014 | Comment

There are numerous weddings that happen across India but Farah and Torun are one of kind because of the way they met and the background of the inception of their journey of love. From hardships to loving moments, they are willing to challenge everything that comes their way. Read more

A day to remember revolves around time. Why compromise on quality ?

Posted on 20 September 2014 | Comment

Planning anything today is not an easy process and when it comes to a wedding it can be a very time-consuming process. If you are like most couples today where you both work full-time having little time during the week to complete the many details.  Read more

Wedding Highlights Film: Priti & Ankeet

Posted on 21 August 2014 | Comment

When we entered the scene of Priti and Ankeet's wedding ceremony we were already feeling the vibe of an emotional pull towards them and later got to know from them that they wanted to exhibit the same. ?A wedding that lasts for a few days is supposed to be remembered for a lifetime so we made it a point to capture the important moments that would live for years together before their eyes and play romantic tunes in their life. Read more

Is a Wedding Filmmaker & Photographer Worth a Dime or Two?

Posted on 02 August 2014 | Comment

There are always misunderstandings, cross talks and even misinterpretations in this big world. Someone has to take a stand and filter out these issues and clear them so that relations don't end up haywire. We are professional photographers and cinematographers known across India for our exquisite and candid wedding photography as well as cinematography. Read more

Sunset Beach Wedding in Goa

Posted on 17 May 2014 | Comment

Talking about the sunset in Goa just in one line cannot explain it all as it is so immense that it would really need almost the entire world water to use as ink and the earth as paper to elaborate. It is not just the word or the place Goa that revolves around beaches and wonderful scenery but the atmosphere that will engulf you. Have you ever thought of a professional shot where you embrace your spouse with the sunset scene in the background?  Read more

Goa creative wedding photographer

Posted on 02 May 2014 | Comment

When you hear the word “wedding”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Yes, in real terms you will not be able to define the term wedding because it is an occasion which is graced by many people and their best wishes. But, we here at Navin Studio only have one motto in mind, and that is to deliver all those unique and exhilarating moments on media where you can refresh memories years later. Weddings are such occasions where people from all walks of life participate in to make it joyful and memorable. We capture those intimate and hearty moments with creative and professional team on board. Read more